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October 2020


Rock the Vote, the non-partisan, non-profit who for 30-years has been building the political power of young people, announced a new initiative, Build the Vote, which will see the organization dive into the world of Minecraft for the first time to engage both young first time voters and future voters on the election process. On October 26th, Rock The Vote opened voting houses in Minecraft to allow young Americans to learn how to vote and experience voting for the first time. The players don’t vote for the candidates but on 10 of the most important issues driving the current political conversation.

Until October 30th, the Minecraft world will simulate many of the same steps voters in real life go through, from registering to casting a ballot. The organization partnered with creative ally Sid Lee to develop this experience, which is all part of Rock the Vote’s continued effort to reach and educate young Americans on the voting process and the importance of being an active participant in our democracy.

Going into an environment, like Minecraft, where so many young Americans are, provides an ideal opportunity for Rock the Vote to allow those under 18 to experience the process of voting and to remind those who can vote for the first time how to cast their ballot leading up to Election Day.

To reach as many future voters as possible, the Build the Vote voting house is available to players on the Build the Vote server but also on other popular Minecraft servers among the younger generations.

Integrated advertisement created by Sid Lee, United States for Rock the Vote, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Sid Lee, Canada
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