Tea Time

May 2020
Nike: Tea Time
Nike Integrated Ad - Tea Time


Introducing Nike Tea Time, a reusable tea bag that lets you infuse your daily iron into your tea. Iron infuses best when sitting in hot water. By adding the Nike Tea Time tea bag along with your other tea bag, the iron will be done infusing by the time your tea is ready to drink. Every Nike+ user will get this tea bag sent to them for free, and will get a new one every year when it needs to be replaced. We’ll also allow users to set their preferred time for tea on the app and we’ll send a notification to remind you that it’s Nike Tea Time.

Integrated advertisement created by Miami Ad School, Canada for Nike, within the categories: Fashion, Retail Services, Sports.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Toronto, Canada
Art Director: Ted Pedro
Art Director: Daniel Zhang
Copywriter: Chris Vena
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