Your News Bulletin

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August 2020


Your News Bulletin. A campaign for Netsafe, created to help tackle the big issue of misinformation and fake news. Based on the latest research by Netsafe, 52% of Kiwis admit they have fallen for fake news, mostly due to misleading articles or headlines. The campaign aims to educate Kiwis on how to better spot fake news, and to think critically before sharing it.

Our strategy: beat fake news by playing it at its own game. Using satire (and well, fake news) we aim to capture attention by initially fooling the audience into thinking our increasingly ridiculous news stories are real. They are then directed to the ‘fake news trainer’ at -

Integrated advertisement created by Motion Sickness, New Zealand for Netsafe, within the category: Education.

Advertising Agency: Motion Sickness, New Zealand
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