Loon Al-Manga

October 2019
Maaza: Loon Al-Manga
Maaza: Loon Al-Manga
Maaza: Loon Al-Manga
Maaza Integrated Ad - Loon Al-Manga
Maaza Integrated Ad - Loon Al-Manga
Maaza Integrated Ad - Loon Al-Manga


Even though Maaza is a popular juice brand in Sudan, as of late it had faced a lot of backlash. A rumour was started that Maaza is not made from mangos, but from pumpkins. This is completlty false and untrue. Another issue that Maaza was facing from consumers was complaints about the colour of the juice no longer being the strong yellow colour normally associated with mangos.

Solution: We created an ad campaign that highlights Maaza’s use of mangos and the colour of the juice. Our creative concept was based around an already popular song "Loun Al Manga ” by legendary Sudanese female group Al Balabel. The colour yellow (same as the colour of the juice) was used extensively throughout the entire TV ad, from the sets to the costumes. Not only did this make that tv production look fresh and stylistic, but it also strongly reinforced our key messaging of "loun al manga wa ta3am al manga” (the colour of the mango, the taste of the mango), leaving the viewer/consumer with no room to misinterpret the quality of the product, and thereby directly dispelling the false rumours about Maaza juice not being made from mangos.

Advertising Agency: Thebox, Khartoum, Sudan
Photographer: Omar Ehab
Dop: Wael Darwish
Director: Essam Nassar
Producer: Nour Abd ElRaheem
Executive Producer: Mohamed Bayomi
Account Executive: Azzah Alfatih
Account Manager: Noon Abualgasim
Account Director: Safa Kazzam
Graphic Designers: Yahya Mohamed, Wadah Kamal, Weam Saif & Mohammed Suliman
Copywriters: Mohamed A Gadir Musa And A Alfatih Suliman
Art Director: Osama Babikir
Creative Director: Mustafa Suliman
Executive Manager: Wael A Ali
General Manager: Abuobida Kazzam
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