City vs Urbasaurus

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October 2021


Advertising can be useful. Patsany hunted down Urbasaurus and transformed three locations in three Ukrainian cities into an urban campaign for glo™ (glo™ is intended for adult tobacco or nicotine users).

In the spring and summer of 2021, we launched the campaign "City vs. Urbazavry ”, the main goal of which is to improve the improvement of cities in small steps. Together with the public organization City Reforms, we chose 9 abandoned locations in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa and named them Urbasaurus.

People on the website, the Instagram page, voted for the Urbasaurus they want to sin. We developed nine 3D models of the Urbasaurus and created AR masks, a project website and an Instagram page run on behalf of the Urbasaurus.

The campaign was supported by well-known Ukrainian bloggers and activists. More than 130,000 Ukrainians took part in the campaign. On the example of this urban campaign for glo™, we wanted to show that advertising can be meaningful and socially useful: for the brand, for people, for cities, for Ukraine.

Integrated advertisement created by Patsany Agency, Ukraine for Glo, within the category: Tobacco.

Advertising Agency: Patsany Agency, Kyiv, Ukraine
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