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October 2019
Doping: #Bavakane
Doping Integrated Ad - #Bavakane


In the last 25 years in Armenia more than 40.000 girls lost their chance to be born. The reason were gender-selective abortions. Doping Creative Agency is doing its part in tackling this problem - launching #Bavakane (#Enough), a social advertising campaign, later joined by RA Ministry of Health and endorsed by the Prime Minister and First Lady of Armenia. As part of the campaign on October 11, International Girl Child Day, we colored the statue of Mother Armenia - the tallest statue in Yerevan - red, accompanied by a video ad and a website with information on the problem. The campaign was widely discussed on social media - 13.000.000 impressions - and stimulated positive dialogue on the topic.

Integrated advertisement created by Doping, Armenia for Doping, within the categories: Agency Self-Promo, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Doping Creative Agency, Armenia
Producer։ Hayk Simonyan
Creative Director։ Hovhannes Margaryan
Line Producer։ Narek Hakobyan
Communications Manager։ Hasmik Barkhudaryan
Copywriters։ Tigran Gevorgyan, Mary Mailyan, Anjela Petrosyan, Artsrun Sakanyan, Hayk Ayvazyan, Mariam Hakobyan, Tigran Sirunyan
Designers։ Anush Ghazaryan, Luiza Petrosyan, Ani Amaryan
Web-Designer: Edgar Mkrtchyan
Case Study Director: Grigor Galstyan
Voice: Khoren Levonyan
Sound Designer: Tigran Hakobyan
Music: Michael Mayilyan
Operator-artists: Vahe Safaryan, Hrach Manucharyan, Narek Sahakyan, Vahe Abroyan, Nelson Sargsyan, Vahe Adamyan, Karen Galstyan, Stepan Melqonyan, Arman Ordyan
Editor: Nairi Danielyan
Computer Graphics: Hovhannes Yepremyan
Cast: Individuum Casting Studio
Technicians: Grigor Aghajanyan, Manvel Harutyunyan, Nshan Grigoryan, Karen Khachatryan
Digital support: Hovhannes Petrosyan, Armen Martirosyan
Web: Smbat Smbatyan
Special thanks to Nazeni Hovhannisyan, Hovhannes Ghazaryan, Armenuhi Burmanyan, Karen Avetisyan, Vazgen Saghatelyan
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