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February 2021


Do it, do it, do the silly walk! Serviceplan Switzerland and Swiss startup DillySocks came up with a bonkers idea to promote a 2 for 1 offer on TikTok: they invented the #DillyGallopChallenge, which took off with influencers doing and galloping with socks on hands and feet. The result: 12.5 million views of the 2 for 1 sock ad.
How could DillySocks reach Generation Z and let them know about a 2 for 1 offer on their range of cool, colourful cool socks? Dilly Socks is a Millennial brand loved by Instagram users, but with the #DillyGallopChallenge they successfully reached out to Gen Z on TikTok.
Since people are bipedal – 2 legs, 2 feet, 2 socks - why would anyone need 4 socks? The creative solution came in the form of a horse – horses have 4 legs, so why not invent a viral dance with an original ‘Do the silly walk’ song, and enlist a stellar cast of influencers to demonstrate it to a TikTok audience? Influencers Michelle Melody, Ava Vogel, Jean Carly, Geo Cadiias, Quoc-Anh Dao, Simo Bonito, Taulant Gashnjani and Eric Luthi recorded videos doing the #DillyGallopChallenge, and DillySocks posted them on TikTok with a promo code, leading users to a 2 for 1 offer through their online shop. And Boom! Cut to countless imitations and a viral hit, leading to an increase of more than 30,000% in DillySocks’ TikTok following.

Integrated advertisement created by Serviceplan, Switzerland for DillySocks, within the categories: Fashion, Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan Switzerland
CEO: Pam Hügli
Chief Creative Officer: Raul Serrat
Executive Creative Director: Marcin Baba
Creative Director: Michael Kathe
Art Director: Hanning Beland
Copywriter: Peter Liptak
Graphic Design: Terence Fuchs, Carina Kienzle
Account: Livia Küpfert
Agency Producer: Nathalie Jakober
Content & Corporate Communications: Mareike Pässler
Photography and director: Per Kasch
Video Production and Motion Design: Dominic Shota Schweingruber, Kurt Bösiger
Casting: Find a Face
Music: Supreme Music
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