Funky Rigatoni

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May 2021


More than a year ago @jimmyrules32 posted a video on TikTok accompanied by text inviting people to eat a bowl of rigatoni on May 24, 2021 ("eat a bowl of rigatoni pasta on May 24th 2021"), to the rhythm of the song from the 70s/80s, "Funkytown". The set date, #EatABowlOfRigatoniPastaOnMay242021, was broadcasted on TikTok to the tune of the historic hit; amassing over 41 million views, giving birth to a real movement. Barilla has decided to join the “Rigatoni Lovers” celebrations with a revisited version of this worldwide success with a Rigatoni theme.

To kick-off the "Rigatoni Day" celebrations, Barilla has partnered with exceptional TikToker - Khaby Lame - who has finally shown people how to eat the long-awaited bowl of rigatoni, with his unmistakable irony.

Integrated advertisement created by We Are Social, United States for Barilla, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency //">We Are Social
Executive Creative Director: Alessandro Sciarpelletti
Executive Creative Production Director: Daniele Piazza
Associate Creative Director: Stefano Cucinotta, Andrea Fumagalli
Art Supervisor: Daria Paraboni
Senior Creative: Laura Venuti
Art Director: Camillo Addis, Annelise Papaleo
Editorial Supervisor: Giuseppe Schiavone
Editor: Fabrizio La Ferla
Account Director: Luca Di Palma
Account Manager: Lucia Magni
Account Executive: Alessia Savino
Writer: Enrica Barberis
Head of Strategy: Bruno Tecci
Strategy Supervisor: Marta Prosperi
Research & Insight Director: Matteo Starri
Research & Insight Supervisor: Donato Falotico
Senior Research & Insight Analyst: Biagio Bleve
Senior Research & Insight Executive: Marisa Bacchin, Giulia Di Fiore
Head of We Are Social Studios: Sandro Amabili
Producer: Amalia Sylos Calò
Cdp: The Blink Fish + Ocular Lab
Music Production: Hoodooh
OMD International Digital Manager: Lucia Dedomenici
International Digital Coordinator: Roberto Facconi
TikTok Vertical Lead FMCG: Chantal Lisot
TikTok Client Solution Lead: Vincenzo Ippolito
TikTok Client Solution Manager: Federica Carpanzano
TikTok Group agency Lead: Chiara Crescini
TikTok Agency Partnership Manager: Alessandro Giovanelli
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