Age is just a number

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October 2020


In this difficult period, used cars have never been so popular in France. 76% of car intenders prefer to buy a used vehicle rather than a new one - an increase of 11% over the beginning of the year. In this new context, Romance has come up with a major campaign for Audi to drive brand desirability and demonstrate the attractiveness of its used car program, Audi Approved :plus. Based on the concept « Age is just a number », the new campaign has been launched with a film that mischievously takes up the usual launch codes of new cars and creates the surprise with a particularly unexpected twist-ending.

The campaign has also been amplified with an activation that revisits the pre-roll format in a completely new way. The principle: on YouTube, leverage “old” video contents that still generate millions of views today in order to spread contextualized messages. Hundreds of iconic music tracks, legendary concerts, historical moments and even must-see sports actions: several hundred videos have been targeted to remind users of the attractiveness of Audi Approved :plus cars.

Integrated advertisement created by Romance, France for Audi, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Romance, France
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