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May 2020


We see you. Yeah, you. Turning that pile of clean laundry into a pillow fort. Pitching a tent in your backyard and roasting s’mores over the stovetop. We see you—creating masterpieces on the sidewalk and dreaming up imaginary places in the clouds. We see you—visiting museums and operas from your sofa. Attending living room concerts in your slippers and virtual tours from under the covers. We see you, explorers. You see, you can take adventure away from the explorer. But you can never take the explorer away from adventure. They find a way. And the truth is: Colorado Springs isn’t the adventure. You are. Rafting is just a river without your paddle. Ziplining is just a route without you daring to soar. And the mountains are just a landscape without you to blaze a new trail. The adventure is you. And while our community does its part to keep our neighbors safe from harm—we’ll be here when it’s all over. Ready—for your next adventure.

In a time where we're all longing for adventure and exploration and, yet, stuck at home in order to protect our neighbors and slow the spread of COVID-19, Visit Colorado Springs reminds us that we are the adventure—not our destination.

Film advertisement created by Design Rangers, United States for Visit Colorado Springs, within the category: Hospitality, Tourism.

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