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October 2018


"The Last Judgement" by Hans Memling is definitely one of the most interesting art pieces in Poland. This full of symbols triptych from the XVth century can be found in the collection of National Museum in Gdańsk. In order to promote and expand knowledge about the piece, TOFU studio have prepared the promotional campaign for that art piece.

The main purpose of the campaign was to increase awareness about the Hans Memling’s triptych ‘The Last Judgement’ and the fact that it can b found in the National Museum in Gdańsk. Furthermore, the campaign aimed to create interest and eventually encourage recipients to visit the museum.

The entire campaign was based on the exposition of the sphere taken directly from the Memling’s triptych. The golden sphere was transferred and incorporated into various, highly recognizable locations in Gdańsk. Consequently, a set of visuals and a promotional video were created and used in the marketing communication.

Film advertisement created by TOFU Studio, Poland for The Last Judgement by Hans Memling, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: TOFU Studio, Gdańsk, Poland
Scenario: Advertising Agency
Director: Adam Chyliński
Screenplay: Daniel Naborowski, Adam Chyliński
Consultancy: Małgorzata Posadzka / National Museum in Gdansk
Storyboard / Color Correction / Montage / Production: James Champ
DoP: Matusz Macur
Cinematography: Armada Films, AeroLab
Actress: Berenika Godlewska
3D: ASTRO, TOFU Studio
Make Up: Agnieszka Wolska
Music: Stefan Wesołowski
Vocals: Aleksandra Zawada, Paweł Zawada, Maja Siemińska, Stefan Wesołowski
Sound: Piotr Kaliński
Project Management: Daniel Naborowski
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