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April 2021


The Future Rocks is a jewelry e-commerce platform that believes in a better tomorrow. With a focus on lab-grown diamonds and recycled metals, The Future Rocks embraces change and evolves to adapt for our planet and communities. Championing everyday jewelry with a heart, The Future Rocks sources innovative brands and independent designers from all over the world to bring the best jewelry pieces you can be proud to wear daily.

Today The Future Rocks, in partnership with AKQA, has announced a campaign to coincide with the launch of The Future Rocks marketplace, a platform helping up-and-coming designers from around the world share their unique stories through their diamond designs. Built to foster a community that shares progressive and authentic values for both designers and buyers, The Future Rocks platform has an editorial feel highlighting the community's facts and opinions worldwide.

The Future Rocks marketplace was created for those who shop consciously and ethically while maintaining quality, bringing lab-grown diamonds into the mainstream while embracing change and defying trends. Lab-grown diamonds offer structurally and chemically identical diamonds to mined diamonds but give buyers peace of mind, playing an essential role in tomorrow's jewelry. The Future Rocks is an online destination where diamonds are accessible enough to be worn daily, breaking with tradition and creating an inclusive platform just for all.

Film advertisement created by AKQA, United States for The Future Rocks, within the categories: Fashion, Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: AKQA
Group Strategy Director: Iris Coldibelli
Account Director: Kristen Morrissette
Group Program Director: Brad McDonald
Producer: Chantel Simpson
Project Management: Elizabeth Marshall
Creative Director: Courtney Kuhlman
Design: Eric Ku, Andy Wong
DP: John Stallings
Editor: John Stallings, Gaspard Nemec, David Givens
Photography: Aaron Ramey
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