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What shall we say? Amen?
I hate religious propaganda.

But of course, I know, I'm not completely able to appreciate this commercial.

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poor argumentation

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Very, very funny. Great commercial.

Hey Blablad, ease up. They're making fun of religious propaganda - not spreading it.

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Good lord, I almost busted a gut when the kid said, "Thank you, Jesus." Love it. Where can I find these boats?

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ha, good one, a bit of a quack, but funny nonetheless.

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... its already been done...

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The final joke was not funny.

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it reminds me the VW POLO ad :( poor copycat


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get a life dsigno. your critique of the Triumph spot is not only lame, it's simply wrong.

yes, this spot and the VW POLO spot you refer to both give a nod to divine intervention but the similarities end there. conceptually, the spots are completely different. the POLO idea has nothing to do with the POLO brand - it's simply introducing the new car. the triumph ad on the other hand, uses divine intervention as a storyline to demonstrate the boat's toughness. anyone with any marketing sense, will tell you the triumph spot is far superior for this reason alone.

by saying triumph ripped off VW's idea is kind of like me saying that you ripped off the musical group D-Lite when you came up with your super-unique and creative username dsigno. afterall, you both abbreviate your names with a "d" instead of "de". now isn't that dgroovy? perhaps this will d-scourage you from writing any more negative-nilly critiques 'til you get a little more experience under your belt.

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Lame idea, and two agencies involved?

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that kid is going to lose his ass on that boat.

oh, yeah, by the way, nice ad.

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--good idea is enemy of great idea

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