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July 2020


Leo Burnett Bangkok with Thai Health Promotion Foundation trigger people to quit drinking alcohol to stay safe and well during COVID-19 pandemic. During this time of COVID-19, people have got to be extra cautious living their daily life to avoid the virus while stay fully conscious at all time to be able to plan life well in order to fight through this crisis. But, drinking lessens people’s conscience and decreases the ability for people to stay aware and being on top of their games. Thai Health Promotion Foundation needed to raise an awareness to continue encouraging Thai people to quit drinking, especially during this time when quitting drinking can really help people to stay safe and be able to efficiently fight through crisis. Leo Burnett Bangkok released a simple setup black & white TVC to set tone and grasp people’s attention in contrast to all other surrounding media, showing how being drunk jeopardizes social distance, personal hygiene, financial and family wellbeing, with the ultimate trigger using a kid to call out for their parents to stop and think before consuming alcohol, leaving a question for the drinkers to make a decision on which kind of a man they want to be.

Film advertisement created by Leo Burnett, Thailand for Thai Health Promotion Foundation, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

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