Made to be Re-made

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December 2020


Electrolux have a strong commitment to reduce their climate impact by 2030. To step up the pace they teamed up with Stena Recycling in a collaboration, called Made to be re-made, where circularity was key to reach the goal. Now, the first concrete result is here – a vacuum cleaner made of 100 percent recycled plastic and reused components from electronic consumer products.

As material, almost nothing beats the versatility of plastic. But to be able to close the loop, it needs to be handled the right way. Today, more than 400 million metric tons of plastic are produced globally every year, but less than 12% of this comes from recycled materials. Together with Stena Recycling, Electrolux wanted to change this by stop talking, start acting to take a crucial step towards a future where circular materials will play a significant role in manufacturing.

The vacuum cleaner, which is the symbol for the successful collaboration, and the project as a whole was launched with a campaign, named after Stena Recycling’s collaboration concept: Made to be re-made.

Film advertisement created by Stendahls, Sweden for Stena Recycling, within the categories: Electronics, Technology, Industrial, Agriculture.

Advertising Agency: Stendahls, Gothenburg, Sweden
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