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July 2020


Currently living in a world surrounded by various limitation and distancing protocols we were lucky enough to introduce a product to the market that supported just that –servicing a need for contactless convenience in courier, The Courier Guy introduced the advanced pudo (Pick Up, Drop Off) smart locker system that made connecting friends and family easier, safer and most of all, possible!

JAW Design worked on the brand from inception; strategizing and localising its marketing and branding through a 360 integrated approach on various channels such as the television, app, social media and digital avenues. Accompanied by a go-to-market campaign that comes alive with a humorous partnership with the renowned fan-favourite comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout. A strategic choice based on the premise of bringing comic relief to SA, reminding us to remain positive during these extraordinary times.

Film advertisement created by JAW Design, South Africa for pudo, within the category: Professional Services.


Piesang advert:
• Doos = Afrikaans word for "box"
• Piesang = Afrikaans word for "banana"
• Philapolis = a small town in South Africa

Pudo Sense Of Humour advert - rebuttal:
(This ad was in response to the controversy around the first advert)
• Tannies = Afrikaans word for Aunties
• Piesange = Afrikaans word for banana

Pudo PudItIn advert:
• Pantoffels = Afrikaans word for slippers
• Krugersdrop = small town in South Africa
• Vereeniging = small town in South Africa
• Sies = Afrikaans word for "shame" or "that's terrible"
• Schalkie = The name of the comedian (Schalk Bezuidenhout)

LonelyBoy TVC:
• Ouma = Afrikaans word for Grandma

Advertising Agency: JAW Design, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Jeni-Anne Campbell
Director: Garon Campbell
Client Service Director: Monique De Ascensao
Producer: Breadbin Productions
Copywriter: Shane Durrant
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