Little Acts of Love

February 2021


In this film, Pandora talks to real life couples and friends about the little acts of love that help them to celebrate each other on Valentine’s Day. There’s loved-up couple Isabelle and Sebastien, whose secret is they’re not just partners, but best friends. There’s Yandeh and Theo, who always find ways of making each other feel good. There’s Lizzie and Alice, who cherish a romantic gesture. There’s Sabine and Tobias, who are planning new adventures together. Some of these little acts are something simple and subtle: a peck on the cheek or a time out for a hug. Others are about big plans: moving in together; getting a dog. Whatever your little acts of love this Valentine’s Day, Pandora will always be here to help you make tell your loved one how you feel, with charms, bracelets, rings and necklaces that make the perfect gifts.

Pandora’s study also found that in all types of relationships – romantic, friendship and family – people’s moral compass is a key factor for compatibility and even attraction. 74% of people surveyed reveal a person’s values are their most attractive quality, even over looks, body and mind. As a more socially aware society, 7 in 10 people believe our moral principles have evolved in the past year and 59% agree relationships are now more focused on shared values than in previous years.

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