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June 2011


Film advertisement created by Publicis, France for Orange, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris
, France
Chief Creative Officer: Olivier Altmann

Creative Directors: Fabrice Delacourt, Olivier Desmettre
TV Production: Pierre Marcus, Muriel Allegrini

Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Production company: Partizan
Art director: Philippe Boucheron
Copywriter: Patrice Lucet

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Richard Finch's picture

Holy crap that took a turn for the worst...

Yeah I know, Publicis HQ stuff, amazing visually... but the ending simply burrowed this one for me.

I was expecting something related to movie quality, 3D, HD, Polished-Panda-Tear Quality and it looked awesome...but as it stands, it's an average idea pumped up by an amazing execution.

Richard Finch
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Graphic Designer
kleenex's picture

I am going to disagree with you on the ending. I loved it.


If you remove Fred you do have what looks like an Oscar worthy film though.

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Web Designer/Developer
Richard Finch's picture

Why I couldn't stand the ending was the fact that I loved everything up to that point.
I loved how seamlessly they integrated Fred, following around the action and for me it was building up to be a "Great Movie Experience" kind of ad.

Richard Finch
Activity Score 201
Graphic Designer
certaintly's picture

actually for me, if it wouldve ended with "great movie experience" i wouldnt have liked it as much cus i was expecting it.

i like how it ended better

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Brainsugar's picture

I like your expression: Polished-Panda-Tear Quality.

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abake's picture

I actually loved it.
The ending was really interesting because it wasn't about HD, 3D or whatever.

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RMG Connect Colombia
Nike Diesel's picture

Wow. Not only eye-catching and dramatic, but also funny as Hell :)
Great execution and great casting.
Two thumbs up for the le Frenchies ;)

Nike Diesel
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Art Director
miko1aj's picture

Absolutely fantastic spot. It's so detailed and fabulously playing with convention, both trailers and oscar-movie cliches paying an honor to them, that it is simply breathtaking.
This is not only advertising. This is entertainment in a purest form. Just short. Magnifique!

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Glut's picture

bad idea, not new at all! but it´s beautifully done!

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Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
Temple's picture

Excellent, but indeed not very original, especially when french brands like canal plus somehow center around this kind of ideas.

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Creative Director
jjf's picture

Too bad none of my clients have that much sh** to spend. These are what I thought of since I was in Secondary school. lol.

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Copywriter at LINs Advertising & Marketing
SF's picture

did anyone not notice fred until they mentioned him... hahaha

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Art Director
leblonde's picture

A lot of money but not very news idea.

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CriticalVoice's picture

Very nice! But the video could have been shorter.

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ErikV's picture

with money perhap's you can buy a lions!?
But for me i prefare buy it with a good idea.

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