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thats what i call making a "love brand"

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Nicly done

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Business as usual for Nike, but I like this.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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Really solid spot for Nike.

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I'm a sucker for big ideas and boy, does W & K know how to think and execute big ideas. Loved it.

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Cheesy as hell.

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I have never liked Lebron James nor will I ever; I also have never liked Cleveland nor will I ever. I will never understand how a community can fall right back in love with someone after tearing it apart. Lebron James said he would never leave Cleveland and then did so in the most disgusting way. Yes it may have been a great career choice for him but to say the things he did and to do the things he did just don’t justify. Cleveland fans hated him, burned his jersey, and the owner came out and wrote a disgusting letter towards Lebron. Four years later the Cavaliers were praying that Lebron would come back and “save” them from misery. My friend is a great example… He is from Cleveland and was a Lebron lover right when they drafted him. As soon as Lebron left my friend burned his jersey and rooted against him and said nasty things about him all four years he was in Miami. Once free agency hit this last season he became the biggest Lebron lover and wanted him right back.
This is almost like being married for several years then my wife cheating on me for four years then going right back and marrying her again. It just doesn’t make sense.
This commercial is fantastic if Lebron would have been in Cleveland for his whole career but the fact is he didn’t and he doesn’t deserved to be treated like a “King.” I honestly couldn’t listen to the words Lebron James was saying in this commercial!

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thats what i call making a "love brand"

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