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November 2019


A rallying anthem for China's basketball-obsessed youth, that uses the the visual metaphor the the uniting huddle moment. The poetic Mandarin narration explains that to unite those around them, a true leader will be both the rock and the sky; both the first hand in, and the hand to lift all the others' up higher. Passing on the power of a leader; from one, to everyone.

Film advertisement created by AKQA, China for Jordan, within the category: Sports.


"Be their sky. And also their rock. They will look to your confidence, to strengthen their own. Their weight, you take upon yourself to carry, so your strength can also become theirs. Again and again, until the code you live by each day, becomes theirs as well. Through the examples you set; through the work you put in when no one is watching; it becomes valued, and your path is opened to become shared. Show them the way and together you will reach new heights. Become their rock, as well as their sky. And together, fly higher. UNITE: FROM ONE, TO EVERYONE."

Advertising Agency: AKQA, Shanghai, China
Executive Creative Director: Jon Ip
Group Creative Director: Tim McDonell
Creative Director: Joshua Lim
Senior Copywriter: Achur Chen
Art Director: Mingyu Zhu
Client Partner: Nicolas Camacho
Account Director: Yoush Huang
Project Manager: Viola Ping
Director Of Strategy: Eva Qin
Producer: Anita Olan
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