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March 2019


Independent agency EVB announced the launch of a new product for Jameson Irish Whiskey: Jameson Catchmates, which punishes would-be whiskey pilferers by covering them in green glitter.

The “Jameson Catchmates” launch campaign breaks on March 30th with a teaser video that shows real tweets from frustrated people around the world who have had their whiskey stolen. The video runs on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Post copy reads, “Tag the roommate who steals sips of your Jameson, and we'll call them out on their Jameson-thieving ways… because good taste doesn't excuse bad manners.”

A second video the following day officially introduces Jameson Catchmates to the world with the new product featured on Jameson’s e-commerce site with its own page and a campaign-related “Glittery Gallery” running on Instagram Stories.

Brand ambassadors around the globe also get their own bottles of Jameson Catchmates. The ambassadors will post videos and call out notorious whiskey-stealing friends on their own social channels. These posts will also demonstrate how the product works and end with the message that Jameson is meant to be shared, not stolen.

On April 2, the jig will be up when social posts reveal that yes, Jameson and EVB engineered whiskey bottles capable of shooting out a mess of green glitter. But no, it’s not a real product. Because, well -- April Fools!

EVB quite literally crafted bottles of Jameson capable of shooting glitter at whiskey thieves. The “Jameson Catchmates” campaign is the whiskey maker’s latest April Fools’ project.

Film advertisement created by Evolution Bureau, United States for Jameson, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Evolution Bureau, Oakland, USA
Chief Creative Officer: John Reid
Creative Director: Chris Szadkowski
Associate Creative Director: Diana Chen
Senior Copywriter: Daniel Auginaga
Copywriter: John Hickey
Art Director: Will Hammack
Producer: Winter Martin
Coordinating Producer: Emily Sevin
Managing Director: Kathleen Foutz
Assistant Account Manager: Cory Leonoudakis
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