The Sleepiest Print Ad Ever Made

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April 2018


The SÖMNIG (Swedish for sleepy) ad is part of this years IKEA bedroom campaign. At the beginning of the campaign, IKEA did some research into the sleep behaviour of those living in the UAE and found that, “About nine in ten people in the UAE are not getting the ideal eight hours of sleep a night”. They also found that "a third are seriously deprived, with 32.4% admitting their nightly shut-eye averages only six hours."*

In order to help those who struggle to get a good night’s sleep, we created SÖMNIG. A print ad designed to perfectly demonstrate what IKEA's range of quality beds and mattresses do – give you a great night’s sleep.

We all know how frustrating it can be when you can't sleep and the consequences of prolonged bad sleep is becoming more apparent in the news. With this in mind, we made a multisensorial, rechargeable print ad that uses sound and smell to help induce deep sleep, helping you feel rejuvenated upon waking in the morning, ready for the day ahead.

To use SÖMNIG, simply remove the ad from the magazine, switch on and place next to bed. When activated, the ad emits a white noise frequency, which has been proven to aid sleep. It works by masking other unwanted noises that may disturb you during sleep. An ad which is ideal in Dubai as noise pollution can be high in certain places with large highways close to living spaces, construction that sometimes goes into the night and the inevitable sounds you hear from neighbors when living in a high rise tower.

SÖMNIG also features an aromatic lavender port and was printed using lavender infused ink – a scent that’s known to help relax muscles and lower heart rate.


Film advertisement created by Ogilvy, United Arab Emirates for IKEA, within the category: House, Garden.

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I like the concept.

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I am afraid it is more expensive than creative.

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It's not proving at any point that ikea's bed are helping to sleep. I pass

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