September 2021


After two years away, the Villains are coming back to Hong Kong Disneyland. And they're ready to party.

Creative Team: Cherry Leong, Antony Chow, Dick Cheng, Keith Yeung, Patrick Tom
Producer: Turkey Ho, Joyce Ma, Ken Pun
Director, Creative: Patrick Tom
Director, Marketing: Jenkin Ho
Director, Strategy: Flora Tsui
VP, Marketing: Daisy Sit
Exec Director, Entertainment & Costuming: Annie Wharmby
Marketing & Media Strategy: Sam Chan, Rainco Lam, Phyllis Ma, Venus Szeto, Alex Fong
Activation Team: Sincere Ng, Bianca Un, Sumi Leung, Jess Chak, Tinny Chung
Production Company: The Media Village
Director: Charles Edwards
Producer: Kitty Lau
Director of Photography: Hugo Chow
Associate Producers: Rainbow Tam, Rex Ngan
Art Direction: Emillie Chiu
Styling: Marvin Lin, Alex Lam
Editor: Nora Tai
Post Production: Dick Chow, Ling Cheung, Honky Lau, Ray Leung, Ken Kam, Labroe Lee / 18 and a Half
Music: Day Tai, Charles Edwards
Visual Effects: Him Chan, Will Chan, Leo Chui, Bosco Chang, Oscar Liu, Joe Clarke / Puppet Studios
Hong Kong Disneyland Entertainment & Costuming: Randy Wojcik, Jeffrey Garcia, Adeline Yeo, Christine To, Juen Ng, Amy Ko, Gia Lau
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