October 2010


Production lead agency: The Forgery, Wilmington, N.C.

Advertising Agency: Baldwin&, Durham, USA
Creative Director / Art Directors: Bob Ranew
Creative Director / co-Copywriter: David Baldwin
Direrctors: Larry Olson, Amariah Olson
D.P.: Obin Olson
Graphics: Japhia Olson
Audio lead agency: Pond, San Francisco
Prod. / co-CW: Sam Pond
V.O. / co-CW: Geoff Bolt, San Francisco
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HappyHour's picture

made me smile.. i wanna see more

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Guest's picture

jajaja Funny

jackmancer2017's picture

It's a bit funny yeah. But doesn't really give you a good reason why. End with 'probably won't' was a bit weak.

Prime83's picture

The copy could have been much better.

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Creative Director at Huella Publicidad
Ed Rapport's picture

This was funny, loved the humor. But to point jackmancer point.. I totally agree, there was no good reason why? "Probably won" alludes me to believing this non-profit probably can't get the job done. Good point Jack!

Ed Rapport
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Copywriter at Bookshop Ads - Advertising Portfolio Workshop - Copywriting
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