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April 2010


Film advertisement created by Thename, Italy for Greenpeace, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Thename, Italy
Creative Director: Carlos Anuncibay
Art Director: Carmen Matarrese
Copywriter: Filippo Testa
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Simple, yet poignant. I didn't look at the title at the top of the page before watching this so I was surprised at the end...which is exactly how it'll be viewed by the public. I think I'm going to do this will all the ads from now on. It'll help in being able to more accurately judge the ads because I'll have to let the ad do all the work, instead of getting a hint of what the product is before hand. Nice work.

razorsharp creative
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-Richard Todd Aguayo (razorsharp creative)

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love it!

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They don't give up hope on earth if they keep coming then... Or it's just beautiful as it is...

I'm sure these aren't original footages but i'm sure anyone would look at it, if it is enough. this is not strong to me.

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There's an idea! it is enough

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Pau Marquès
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Muy buen enfoque. Es una muestra de cómo un mismo mensaje se puede decir de distintas formas.

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no wow but respect.

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nice and simple.
good twist.

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Good aproach.........

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It's an idea but is nothing great to me and, for sure, nothing clever or smart, just an idea, is not silly, it makes sense but...

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It makes a lot of sense. I love Green Peace's campaigns.

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