The Curious Bank

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March 2012


Film advertisement created by Leo Burnett, United States for Fifth Third Bank, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, USA
Global Creative Director: Susan Credle
Executive Creative Directors: Dave Loew, Jon Wyville
Creative Directors: Eric King, Derek Sherman
Executive Producer: David L. Moore
Producer: Ray Leakey
Production Company: Smuggler NY
Director: Jamie Rafn
Director of Photography: Jakob Ihre
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People would rather like their bank serious than curious.

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Sorry, but this attempt to create somehat CSR in a way from a bank is cynical from the european point of view. Of course they try what has not been done like wasting millions of dollars/euros - paying the ones who wasted the money still huge boni and if they spoiled it, no problem, because governements help them. No one here believes a bit in what the ad tries to communicate : it´s phony and very obviously a fantasy which does not have anything to do with the truth ! Yeah, tey´re curious allright, how far they can go ! Over the last months the whole world learned a new kind of numbers - what comes after the billion ! From the creative pont of view I think banks first of all needed a new strategy, maybe use honesty as an usp and also act like that. So the ad is exchangable, vignette ( done by almost all insurance companies over here ) and phony - thus a bad creation and a waste of money ! Customers are not that naive/stupid you know !

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agree with comments when it comes to approach to the theme in general. I don't like banks and this spot didn't change that.
BUT. Saying this i must admit that everything is ok with the commercial here given when you consider it without all the preconceived ideas about bank sector.
It's warm, delicate and easy going story about creativity of the workers. It's not that bad as stars-note show it.

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Loved it, a new way to think....But left me with one question...Where is Curiosity deposited? Current Account or Saving Account?

Divesh Mehta
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you've got a few new ideas, so? - will that prompt me to give you my money?
Are you going to gamble with my money, because you are curious to try something new?
Will it be to my benefit or it will be part of your experiment? With MY money.

Till is right regarding the insult on the public's intiligence.
Miko is right only assuming that it is part of an internal motivation campaign for the bank's employees. Not for the public or a TV spot.

I don't predict lot of traffic going towards this peculiar bank, which is the buttom line.
( Like temple hinted)

So there.

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Curious name for a bank...

I'm sorry but I just can't see how, in a million years, I'd be enticed to join this bank because it's comprised of a bunch of innovaters. I put my money in a bank that won't go bust and offers a reasonable interest rate.

Clutching at straws here guys. This doesn't feel like a real USP. Curiosity? Really?

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Adding to the above, this comes across as a spot about lack of inspiration / writer's block / meta-advertisers making an ad about making an ad. Then stapling a client to the end, just for show. And a curious bank kind of implies it's a bank that's still learning to be a bank.

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