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December 2021


“Let’s Ride,” proclaims JOAN Creative’s campaign for eBay Motors, which tells the real stories of the people who form the unique communities that exist only on eBay.

JOAN focused on the insight that eBay represents a human-centered antidote to “big tech,” and designed the “Let’s Ride” campaign to celebrate the people, rather than the technology. The campaign is part of a larger platform that taps into eBay’s community to tell the true stories behind the sales.

The films star three eBay Motors contributors: J Shia, an internationally known small business owner and award-winning custom motorcycle builder; Daniel Soliz, who has been helping people learn how to fix their cars on YouTube for years; and Kimatni Rawlins, owner of Automotive Rhythms and expert in aftermarket enhancements with an emphasis on wheels.

Film advertisement created by JOAN Creative, United States for eBay Motors, within the categories: Automotive, Electronics, Technology, Retail Services.

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