By The River

September 2019


The short film is a portrait of Varanasi, the holiest of India’s seven sacred cities and a place where devout Hindus go to die in hopes of achieving Moksha - becoming liberated from the cycle of rebirth. Hindu scriptures say that a soul has to undergo 8.4 million rebirths before reaching the human form and dying in Varanasi and being cremated along the banks of the river is believed to be the ideal way of achieving Moksha. Several so-called ‘death hotels’ exist to accommodate believers who abandon their lives go there and wait for death, some for as long as 40 years.

Director: Dan Braga Ulvestad
Producer: Charu Menon
DOP: Caleb Ware
Executive Producers: Charu Menon, Jamie Watson, Will Alexander / Heckler
Editor: Andrew Holmes
Colourist: Greg Constantaras
Assistant Editor: Adrian Maurici
Production Company (India): ShotReady Productions
Line Producer (India): Siddharth Bhavnani
Production Manager (India): Neha Gowda
Assistant Camera: Esteban Rivera
Original Music Score: Dustin Lau
Sound Design: Rubin Henkel, Nylon Studios
Re-recording Mixer: Casimir Von Oettingen
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