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August 2021


Narrator: There’s the meaning of life, and then there’s the meaning of life in Louisiana. It all simmers down to one thing really. The red bean. What is it that makes it so special? Are they magic beans? How can something so small be so huge And if that mystery isn’t enough, turns out the best RED beans are BLUE.

Go figure. Blue Runner. Good for your heart and your soul.

For centuries, eating red beans and rice on Monday has been a tradition in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana. And the connection between our food & music jazz heritage has been central to our diverse and treasured cultural fabric. Musicians and chefs alike suffered through Covid-19, experiencing the "blues" themselves, and were unable to get gigs and customers. So, keeping our local chefs and artists in the spotlight and on the same stage was vital to reinforcing our ongoing way of life. The iconic red beans (& rice) is at the heart and soul of it all. And the best red beans happen to be blue, too.

Film advertisement created by Brand Society, United States for Blue Runner Red Beans, within the category: Food.

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