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February 2021


This piece is meant to highlight the crucial lifeline that remote therapy can be in times like these. The most important thing here is to express this in a way that makes those who suffer from Anxiety and Panic attacks feel seen and portrayed with a sense of gravity and weight. In this campaign a young woman returns home, struggling to subdue an impending panic attack. As she merely barges through the door of her apartment, her panic attack ravages in full swing. Soon, her subjective experience manifests itself before her. The walls feel like they are enclosing, doors and windows shut. Her world quite literally closes in on her. At the crescendo of her feelings a voice snaps us out of the whole fever dream that just unfolded. Our character sits in their apartment, working on grounding techniques with their BetterHelp counselor.

Film advertisement created by Matiz Creative, United States for BetterHelp, within the categories: Health, Professional Services, Public Interest, NGO.

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