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October 2009

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Agency Producers: Anne Oburgh, R.J. Pomeroy

Film advertisement created by TBWA, United States for Apple, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA
CCO / ECD: Duncan Milner, Eric Grunbaum
CD: Jason Sperling
ACD: Chuck Monn , Kevin Tenglin
SrAD / SrCopy Writer: Jamie Reilly, Pete Figel
Production Co: Epoch Films
Director: Phil Morrison
DP: Peter Donahue
Editorial Co: Beast Editing Company, Inc
Editor: Lucas Eskin
Post Co: Company 3
Artist: Brian Robinson
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everartz's picture

hehe! she fell in love with the mac guy.. cant you guys see it XD

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Szychowski's picture

I really dont like Apple for their confidence in being number one in every little thing that they do. This leads right into some sort of lying to the customers. Saying that something else is "pain and frustration" with no real arguments is not very fair (if we can speak about being fair in advertisements). I'm sure that some people would try Mac instead of Windows 7 but what happens if Snow Leopard hang or delete some user files? Wouldn't it be some kind of "pain and frustration" too?

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Juan Cabral's picture

So retail!!! Where´s the price in the end of the commercial?

Juan Cabral
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And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

Martijn's picture

If all 'retail' was as good as this, I would be a happy man!

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bootchec's picture

@Szychowski dude, that is the point, they have to be confident. Otherwise they wouldn't make that ad at all. Arguments are in user's experience, and this ad is not about that. The fact that this particular ad is indeed "so retail" is another thing. Advertisement would be much less fun if they would try to predict all problems that may occur in future and try to base the strategy on those predictions. It is much more fun to assume(realistically, of course) that they are better, funnier, newer etc.

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Szychowski's picture

Well, of course You're right, but the core idea of being better, newer ect. can be executed in milion ways. Those ways can be funnier, better or boring and overstated. For me those ways are also part of companies identity. If particular company wants to preceive itself as lifestyle component (as Apple does) they, for example, can make ads more connected to human behavior. This Apple ad is rather weak execution of this idea. I'm saying it just as a viewer and person who is expierienced in both Mac an Pc platforms - and I'm aware that it is not me, who Apple is trying to make up the mind.

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jergold's picture

this mc guy is just becomming unbearable.
All right, you don't want to be the PC guy...but who the hell is this mac guy supposed to represent? pseudo cool people?

it's getting repetitve. I guess apple is getting nervous with the new windows release....and their advertising answer is more than 3 years old.

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picopalqlea's picture

we are cool...

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Guest's picture

Newsflash: saying you are 'cool' is a surefire way of revealing that you are anything but, with a an emphasis of 'butt'

Guest's picture

This is based on nothing. Pretty sad. Maybe if Mac even bothered to offer a laptop with more than 512mb video memory I'd think about switching. But when I can get a high-end pc laptop with 2x the power for $1000 less? Well, it will take a much better ad to convince me. And I think I'm not alone.

Guest's picture

mac pro with 2 gig ram, 512mb ati gfx card, awsome design adopted from Braun, 2000€
my current pc on vista 64bit, 4 gig ram, new 1024mb nvidea gfx card, no problems so far, 800€


mac is not about product quality or best customer satisfaction. its about belonging to a community of people who embrace their desinger stuff. apple is more than a product its a brandcult or in kevin robert's words a lovemark. they actually dont need to mock microsoft to raise their community spirit anymore.

i also think that these ads slowly become counterproductive and anyoing.

Guest's picture

this sucks. The other reference is less bad

Guest's picture

Loved the 'I'm a Mac' campaign since the start but it is wearing on a little now, this ad did make me smile though, notice how she looks at PC and emphasizes '..pain and frustration' then looks at Mac amorously '...satisfaction', nice!

martois's picture

Loved the 'I'm a Mac' campaign since the start but it is wearing on a little now, this ad did make me smile though, notice how she looks at PC and emphasizes '..pain and frustration' then looks at Mac amorously '...satisfaction', nice!

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Guest's picture

C'moon! Can't you all see the irony of this one?
Mac is all 'cool' and coy about being the chosen one but this whole ad is a desperate attempt at trying to steal users and misleading them towards Mac.

Funny acting as ever but I am gonna be one of the first people to admit this: I like the PC guy, I do. I ROOT for him in every ad and when he ends up failing I just say"he can Handle it...They'll need more ads to take him down" and maybe you'll see more "Mac/PC"ads coming this way en the future.

By the way...I'm a Mac AND PC user.

Temple's picture

I'm a Google and I kick Mac's ass.

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