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November 2021


The spot for Alfa Bank features a pigeon. There’s nothing special about this pigeon; it’s ordinary and grey. Absorbed in the hustle of a big city, it lives a routine life and finally finds courage and inspiration to achieve its dreams.

It’s a success story that everybody knows; but it’s told from a new perspective. The ad spot reveals Alfa Bank’s brand positioning: “For the smart and the free”. Even if you’re ordinary and grey, you have the power and courage to move forward, do more and fly higher.

Ivan Urgant, the bank’s celebrity ambassador, takes part in the video. Ivan hosts a popular entertainment talk show “Evening Urgant”, a Russian adaptation of American Late Night Show.

P.S According to a Russian superstition, you’ll get richer if bird feces drop on you.

Film advertisement created by Voskhod, Russia for Alfa Bank, within the category: Finance.

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