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May 2021


While all the experts are theorising that data is the new currency, Shackleton, part of Accenture since 2019, have actually put this into practice with Data Pro Quo, the world's first vending machine where products are paid for with data.

You can buy a smoothie with your email address, a snack by answering two business questions, and even some airpods by filling in a questionnaire. In this project, Shackleton collaborated with Accenture Interactive's innovation team, the Kenai Workshop, to build the machines, and with the Evoca Group, a leading multinational company in the vending machine sector.

Intended for B2B environments, its goal goes beyond implementing the new business paradigm and capturing real data to use to refine the consultancy's future projects. The V1 is already up and running at Accenture’s Digital Hub in Madrid.

Just as with any other vending machine, the user chooses the item they want to buy, but when it's time to pay, there is no slot into which to insert money or a payment terminal for a card. Instead, the buyer finds a screen on which to answer a series of simple questions, but designed to provide useful and actionable data. It also features an interface designed to offer a seamless user experience.

Experiential advertisement created by Shackleton, Spain for Shackleton, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: Shackleton, Spain
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