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June 2011
Tamiya:  Tamiya Calendar
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Background: A normal wall calendar is to be thrown away after a year but our wall calendar can be turned into 12 modelling kits to be assembled and displayed for others to see.

Brief: Tamiya wanted to seize the New Year as an occasion to connect and build a lasting bond with its customers. Description of how you arrived at the final design: Every month make a different model. The anticipation for each month to end so another model can be built adds to the fun and excitement that lasts throughout the year.

Results: As a premium gift, the calendar pulled more customers into the stores during the holiday season. It created not only brand exposure but also brand interaction throughout the year, and became a bounding tool that strengthened the connection between the brand and modelling enthusiasts.

Direct advertisement created by TBWA, Thailand for Tamiya, within the category: Gaming.

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Perhaps there are people who will actually play with this... I'm not one of them.

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I would buy *many* of these. An absolutely terrific idea, and laser-guided targeting for a modelling company. Brilliant.

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great idea... I remember building the cars with the motor and racing them around the house... good times...

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