The “One Day At A Time” Calendar

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April 2012
Alcoholics Anonymous:  The “One Day At A Time” Calendar
Alcoholics Anonymous Direct Ad -  The “One Day At A Time” Calendar


We developed a traditional calendar, but with one difference: each page of the calendar represents a single day, and not an entire month. And instead of showing 30 days, each box displays one hour of that day. So what seemed to be just another regular calendar, became a daily reminder of the AA motto: “Take it one day at a time”. The calendars were distributed amongst members and supporters of Alcoholics Anonymous Brazil.

Direct advertisement created by JWT, Brazil for Alcoholics Anonymous, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Brazil
Executive Creative Directors: Ricardo John, Roberto Fernandez
Creative Directors: Fabio Brandão, Ricardo John, Roberto Fernandez
Art Director: Fabio Santoro
Copywriter: Pedro Furtado
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I like it.

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Prasad Weerasekara
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Nice way to make poor devils' day an infinie torture :)

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It's called alcoholics anonymous - not very anonymous when that's sitting on your desk.

drunk dave
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It is, cus there's nothing but a phone number.

Nike Diesel
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Actually the last two columns says "alcoholics anonymous".

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You're right, but it's so subtle I believe not too many people will recognize it unless you get up real close.

Nike Diesel
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My initial impression is as per Stendzenieks.

But if the research is done and suggests that people will find it useful, then fair enough...

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but seriously, is this calendar for real? it looks too thin to be an annual calendar as that would be 365 pages, so over 180 leaves. A monthly would be 15 sheets. Am curious to know what you guys actually handed out. Good idea, anyway!

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Would it not work better if it were one of those one-day-one-date calander? Then it really is one day at a time.

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