February 2019
The Times / The Sunday Times: The Parallax Banner Ad
The Times Digital Ad - The Parallax Banner Ad


The problem with how the news reaches us today, is that its not usually our choice what we read. Tailored algorithms on social media platforms populate our feeds with news articles that only confirm what we already believe about the world. 

Nothing can really be done about what articles we see on our News Feeds, until The Times and Sunday Times found a loophole: Banner Ads, the one thing that follows us everywhere, regardless of social media's algorithms. And that's how The Times and Sunday Times challenge us to think again. Introducing The Parallax Banner Ad, an interactive banner ad whose algorithm processes the article you're reading and offers a Times headline on the same topic, but with a different view. These banner ads will appear next to articles from publications with strong leanings, offering a way out of our echo chambers.

Digital advertisement created by Miami Ad School, United States for The Times, within the category: Media.

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