Ramadan tips

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May 2020
Panzani: Ramadan tips
Panzani Digital Ad - Ramadan tips


In times of COVID-19 and lockdown, where we cannot develop recipe videos or photos of typical Ramadan foods. We decided to bring five special tips based on Ramadan culture to transmit the energy and vitality that pasta Panzani gives. With a lot of creativity and effort of designers, creatives, accounts and clients, we got this message in Ramadan for Panzani Morocco.

Digital advertisement created by Oh Delices Creative, Morocco for Panzani, within the category: Food.


1. Cultivate a positive mind and be kind 2. Keep the same sleep schedule 3. Prepare your Suhoor and don't miss it 4. Don't forget to do your physical activities 5. After Ftour, drink water every two hours

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