The Hammam Fighter

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May 2017


In Tunisia, a market driven by youth, Orange had the best 4G. But was not known for it.

We showed its speed and coverage by choosing Retro-gaming - a huge trend with Tunisian youth - and created a product demonstration that worked at its best - only on Orange’s network.

Now, Street Fighter is Tunisia’s most popular retro-game. But while the game has characters from many different countries, it never had one from Tunisia. So, we tapped into the most famous, iconic and hilarious street fighters of Tunisia - THE HARZAS – women who work in Turkish baths called Hammams - and FIGHT over stealing each other’s clients!


As a branded mobile game driven by social media, Hammam Fighter featured two Harzas in an iconic showdown, each with their own UNIQUELY TUNISIAN range of weapons, and finishing moves such as The Slipper Smackdown, The Finger in the Eye, and The Towel-Drop!

The game worked seamlessly on Orange’s network. And not as smoothly on other networks. For gamers when even a second’s delay could mean life or death, this demo of Orange’s 4G made existing users happier and made non-users sign-up to Orange.

Digital advertisement created by FP7, Tunisia for Orange, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: FP7/McCann, Tunis, Tunisia
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Super fun! I'd love to play it.

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