Ultra Orgullosos

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June 2021


UltraOrgullosos is a symbolic toast to bicultural heritage and most of all, to their movement— the flow, their natural beat— which continues to inspire everyone, especially along the West Coast. As part of the initiative, GALLEGOS United is creating a summer program called UltraProud Sessions: a modern and human take on virtual classes. These sessions, hosted by Hispanic American movers, explore how they’ve leaned into their heritage and culture to fuel their craft.

The first session stars Los Angeles-born chef, Wes Avila. Author and Netflix star on “The Chef Show,” Avila founded Guerrilla Tacos, a street cart in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles. It soon became the coolest food truck in town and ended up as a Michelin Guide restaurant. The film celebrates the authenticity of the hybrid culinary world Avila has created, by combining the flavors of his youth with the wide variety of tastes Los Angeles (and the world) bring. Inviting the audience to feel profoundly proud of their heritage, Avila shares personal experiences in finding his voice in the culinary world followed by a ”class” where he’ll show viewers how to make three of his most famous dishes.

Digital advertisement created by GALLEGOS United, United States for Michelob ULTRA, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

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