August 2018
March For Our Lives: The Unwilling Will
March For Our Lives Digital Ad - The Unwilling Will


2018 has been deadlier for school children than deployed soldiers. Despite the exponential increase in gun violence, nothing has changed. Politicians responsible for the safety of the country haven't taken any effective measures towards the regulation of guns as they benefit from NRA's generous donations and backing. Schools should be an environment that fosters learning and growth, not a place for mass murders. We need a powerful way to call attention to this issue and make voters more conscious of their choices. The future is in the hands of the next generations, it is only fair that they should be heard, however loudly it may echo.

Digital advertisement created by Miami Ad School, United States for March For Our Lives, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Miami, United States of America
Art Director: Matias Cachiquis
Art Director: Juan Kurtzman
Copywriter: Shatrunjay Devvrat
Copywriter: Martina Pellerey
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