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October 2020
Little Caesars: Summon Little Caesar
Little Caesars Digital Ad - Summon Little Caesar

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Trick-or-treating, like everything else, is going to be different this year. And that’s why Little Caesars decided to deliver (yet again!) with its own slice of scary. In the “spirit” of the Halloween season, they’ve created an Instagram filter that brings Little Caesar himself to life in response to those brave enough to light a candle and recite an incantation. The magic words? “Pizza!Pizza! …Pizza!

What magic will these three words bring forth this Halloween? Little Caesars is making sure their AR trick comes with a treat. They’re giving away a 2-liter Pepsi to every pizza-loving ghoul and goblin who uses the Little Caesars Instagram filter to take the #SummonLIttleCaesar Challenge. How? It’s simple: When they post their otherworldly Instagram encounter along with the aforementioned hashtag and tag @LittleCaesars, they’ll receive a free 2-liter Pepsi with the online purchase of any Little Caesars pizza.

Leaning into necessary Covid production measures that have become the norm turned out to be not that scary at all. The spot was shot at McKinney Creative Director David Sloan’s house using an iPhone 11, a local crew, and on-screen talent very familiar to the creative team behind the idea — Sloan’s nieces. And while all of this added up to some spooky cheer for those celebrating Halloween at home this year, it also made history: It’s the first time ever that Little Caesar has uttered more than “Pizza!Pizza!” And that third “Pizza!” has woven quite a spell.

Digital advertisement created by McKinney, United States for Little Caesars, within the category: Food.

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