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April 2021


Preconceived notions about egg consumption are a worldwide problem. Despite scientific evidence confirming the benefits. Our mission was to change the negative perceptions around daily egg consumption. We live in the era of conspiracies, fake news and false flags. And people are more and more eager to believe them. It was therefore necessary to break many popular myths in order to increase the frequency of consumption of one egg per day. The strategy consisted in deconstructing not the belief itself, but the system that leads us to adhere to beliefs by telling a story.

The Eggspiracy campaign, 365 unbelievable reasons to eat an egg per day, first deconstructs myths by creating its own myth, a conspiracy that targets a victim, the egg. The first phase was launching of a documentary in 4 episodes on an imaginary news channel, 365. The subject of the documentary: a chicken journalist leads an investigation to uncover a conspiracy targeting eggs that has prevented Moroccans from consuming one egg a day.

Once this first phase was launched, the second phase consisted in drowning a negative perception under 365 new positive and unbelievable reasons by mixing scientific, cultural and non-arguments. Videos and social content featuring fake journalists, philosophers, yoggists, scientists, each bringing an offbeat reason to eat an egg a day, behind each video one highlighting the benefits of eggs.

Digital advertisement created by The Next Click, Morocco for L'Association Nationale Des Producteurs D'Oeufs Marocains, within the categories: Food, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: The Next Click, Casablanca, Morocco
Production: No Limit
Ceo: Hassan Rouissi
Ceo: Oussama Amraoui
Executive Creative Director: Quods Ouaissi
Copywriter: Manar Bikdir
Senior Art Director: Mohamed Zbir
Senior Art Director: Rajae El Bettah
Senior Account Manager: Hamza Benyoussef
Strategic Planner: Safae El Harti
Producer: Mohcine Nejmi
Director: Yassine Marco Marroccu
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