June 2009
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For the new television series A&E Warriors on The History Channel, Arkadium (, a leading advergame and casual game developer, has launched an interactive online game.

You can find the game by logging on to

The Warriors show goes inside the culture of the world’s most famous warriors of all time to explore their weaponry, tactics, training and, ultimately, their psyche. The game, developed by Arkadium, is an action-packed fighting game that allows players to train their character in fighting arts from all corners of the world. Players enter the Warrior game through a world map that will include five visible locations that represent each warrior group highlighted in the TV series. By defeating the various warriors from the Vikings, Samurais, Spartans, Zulus and American Revolutionaries, a player will collect trophies and ultimately claim the title of WARRIOR. Arkadium developed unique moves for each warrior’s fighting style, as well as standard base moves for the user to control. These moves include weapons unique to each warrior and corresponding keyboard controls to activate them.

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