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April 2020

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Nowadays gender violence in quarantine times has risen up to 70% in Chile. According to the WHO, worldwide there are more than 60% reports. Nobody can really see what is happening at home in quarentine times but a simple videocall can show the ugly truth. This is where a first video is uploaded to social networks, showing how a woman is attacked during a video call. The video went viral fast, generating thousands of comments with a total of 1 million views the day it was uploaded which ment many media and fundations posted it on their networks. Finally, Anita Foundation and La Familia Agency posted #DidAnitaLogIn, which is the campaign that answered to all the stir that the case of the video call caused, achieving that more media joined in raising awareness of this cruel reality.

Digital advertisement created by La Familia, Chile for Fundation Anita, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: La Familia, Santiago, Chile
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