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March 2021
Estonian Sexual Health Association: 14 is not OK
Estonian Sexual Health Association Digital Ad - 14 is not OK


In Estonia, the legal age of sexual consent is only 14. Every year, 14-year-old children become victims of sexual abuse because of this law, and yet, all previous attempts to change the law have failed. The problem is, people think 14 is OK. So we launched a campaign to make our country finally realize why 14 is too young.

Digital advertisement created by Optimist Estonia, Estonia for Estonian Sexual Health Association, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Optimist Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia
Creative Director: Anoorupa Bose
Creative Director: Siim Nikopensius
Art Director: Bruno Palmik
Art Director: Heigo Heinleht
Project Manager: Maris Teder
Project Manager: Susanna Eenma
Social Media Campaign Architect: Marko Kivirand
PR Specialist: Cäthly Oja
PR Assistant: Sandra Audova
PR Strategist: Triin Adamson
Photographer: Kristjan Taal
Stylist: Helina Risti
Make Up Artist: Elsa Levo
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Legal consent not enough by itself. We should change sick mindsets first. And its not easy. But its one of the strongest global goals which is gender equality. So we need much more campaign like this to awake sleeping minds to move forward. So maybe we could break this chain to complete this important goal of the globe.

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