Military Code

Agency Network: 
September 2020


For the first time, the NATO phonetic alphabet was introduced as the form of communication intended for a specific audience thru traditional media. T-Mobile Puerto Rico needed to break thru the clutter and deliver a message specifically designed for military members and veterans. Using military codes and terminology, the strategy was to camouflage the offers and to “hijacked” radio spots to insert hidden messages that only the target could decode.

Audio advertisement created by DDB, Puerto Rico for T-Mobile, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: DDB Latina Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Ceo: Edgardo M. Rivera
Cco: Enrique Renta
Copywriter: Adriana Cruz
Creative Director: Leslie Robles
Art Director: Mario Salgado
Producer: Adriana Rivera
Sound Engineer: Carlos Rivera
Account Director: Tangie Sobrino
Strategic Planning Director: Heidi Vidal
Media Specialist: Samantha Flores
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