January 2020


When Monopoly launched an updated Game of Thrones edition, who else would be better to promote it than the man who first took up the challenge? To ignite the flames of fierce family competition, our Ned Stark voiced an epic 45 second radio spot by calling the action, play by play and slay by slay.

Executive / GM Creative Strategy: Andrew Stein
Creative Director: Diana Hornal
Associate Creative Director: Smeta Chhotu-Patel
Head Of Copy: Troy Rawhiti-Connell
Copywriters: Troy Rawhiti-Connell, Smeta Chhotu-Patel
Producer: Rob Linkhorn
Integrated Marcom Manager: Will Harvey
GM Marketing: Anna Lawrence
Head Of Marketing – General Merch: Jade McKenzie
Sound Studio: Liquid Studios
Sound Engineer: Craig Matuschka
Voice: Richard Simpson
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