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December 2019


What’s it like to be locked in a place you don't want to be in? The Shanti House is an Israeli foundation that gives warm homes and shelter for youth at risk or in immediate danger. In order to raise funds for building a new Shanti House shelter in Jerusalem, we have created the world's toughest escape room. Spoiler alert: no participant lasted 60 minutes of the game. In Israel, more than 14,000 homeless teens chose to run away from their toxic or violent homes. Why did they prefer living on the street? In order to demonstrate the reasons why these teens end up in the street in the first place, we crafted a unique social experiment – a real escape room. The Unescapable Room was designed according to the rules and riddles of an ordinary escape room, only in this case it was also an exact replica of a real home of one of the Shanti House graduates. The players were invited to try and solve the room by themselves, knowing nothing about the true story behind it. While trying to solve it under 60 minutes, they encountered riddles telling the shocking story of our graduate. The also encountered an actress portraying his abusive mother, including hints of her verbal and physical violence. None of the participants finished the game – in fact, all of them asked us to stop game and let them out immediately. Only then, were they told it was a true story. They did not last an hour, in an environment a child had to live in for 12 years. We released a 3-minute video on social media that was a huge hit and organically shared by Israel leading celebs. As a result, we raised more than 1 million Euro in less than 48 hours.

Ambient advertisement created by Grey, Israel for Shanti House, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Tel Aviv, Israel
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