The Antifoot Can

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July 2014


Ambient advertisement created by Fred & Farid, France for Orangina, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Fred & Farid, France
Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Copywriters: Ugo Martinez, Guillaume Roukhomovsky
Art Directors: Guillaume Roukhomovsky, Radouane Gouassi
Account Director: Florent Depoisier
Social media manager: Matthieu BouilHot
Agency producer: Deji Odulate
Production: Wanda Production
Director: Patrick Cassir
Producers: Hélène Ségol, Marie Le Roux
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kubasagan's picture

This is shockingly bad. Rude. Unecessary. And I'm not talking about the concept of turning off football but about this very bad case. If you come to a pub during the World Cup what do you expect? A bunch of men watching telenovela? For god's sake, I understand that seeing football on every screen in shopping mall could be annoying and this gadget would work perfect there to switch some screens off for your convenience. But in a PUB?!?! Maybe the next step will be turning off lights at the stadium when the match is played?!?! FOR WHAT?!?! If you're the only lady in the pub that don't want to watch a match THAN JUST LEAVE. OR DON'T COME THERE!!!

And if you do something like this IN A PUB give something to those people, something better, a CREATIVE TWIST maybe. Because now I see more than 60 people in that particular pub that will never drink Orangina again.


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kleenex's picture

So cruel.

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NY Belfry's picture

This seems like a liability nightmare.

NY Belfry
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Other at City College of Technology
Pete R.'s picture

Anti-footi? Haha, people are so upset because of a game. :D

Pete R.
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OgilvyIntern's picture

Hopefully they will win more customers than they lose with this campaign.

morse's picture

Meanness is part of Orangina's brand strategy?

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Sacrilegend's picture

The definition of terrible.

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allan080i's picture


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Manuja Kodikara's picture


Manuja Kodikara
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-eM Kay-

Phillhb's picture

Orangina have just a lost a customer.. here. What a disgraceful idea. If anyone saw her, she would have got lynched!

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zebraX45's picture

Yes! I HATE football! the only ones who watch it are retards with no-brain. You will never see smart people watching football.

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Davor Runje's picture

Why do you a fancy hi-tech can to switch off signal from TV? There are easier way to do it, like unplugging the cable.

Davor Runje
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Creative Director at Drap d.o.o.
Marcao's picture

Ridiculous idea. If you don't like it, just don't get into the room screening it and go do something else. Epic fail.

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Copywriter at DDB Group Asia Pacific
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