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August 2008
Maserati:  Trident
Maserati Ambient Ad -  Trident


Ambient advertisement created by McCann, Sweden for Maserati, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: McCann, Malmoe, Sweden
Creative Director: Albin Wendel
Art Director: Björn Lindén
Copywriter: Lars Larsson
Photographer: Maserati
Other additional credits: Autoropa, Official Maserati Dealer
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Sergin's picture

what if you notice the leaflet only when you´re already on road? some accidents might happen

Activity Score 8
Art Director
SeanMartin's picture

This would be nice, but how'd they get around the inevitable fact that not all rear view mirrors are the same size and shape?

Scam Detector's picture

Indeed, therefor this is scam.

Scam Detector
Activity Score 1048
General Manager
sneakyhands's picture

they did say selected cars, so it sounds like they're tailored to certain models. as long as they're not selecting my car then i'm fine. this seems like such a specific problem to solve, with a very small target.

Activity Score 1857
Sergin's picture

what if you notice the leaflet only when you´re already on road? some accidents might happen

Activity Score 8
Art Director
el_pira's picture


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Ad_Man's picture

this resource has been used in better ways...

Activity Score 826

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

Guerrilla's picture

If you glue/stick something on my car, you'll get in big trouble, and I am talking about 6'2" 195 pound trouble.

Activity Score 10
picopalqlea's picture

maserati would never aloud this.

Activity Score 999
Scam Detector's picture

You would be surprised.

Scam Detector
Activity Score 1048
General Manager
teenie's picture

Bit too 1st degree thinking for me. Anything could be "closer than they appear"--any product at all. So it's not very Masarati, so far as branding goes.

Activity Score 1894
ziad hamdan's picture

this may cause accidents, negative -(

ziad hamdan
Activity Score 45
Creative Director |

ziad hamdan

Holger's picture

The leaflet was tailored to fit the mirrors of the selected brands and models.
And.....yes, Maserati loved the idea.


Activity Score 2
McCann Malmoe, Sweden
Steviec's picture
Also done for Land Rover or Jeep, with off road images in the mirror.

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yctham's picture

Ha! Yup, it's really dangerous!
And, it mentioned they only targeted on specific car. So i wonder which model of car they targeted. If we found out, we would know which competitor this campaign is against to. =p

Activity Score 178
Planner at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
C-Love tha Artist's picture

Problem solved!!!
Make the cutout the shape of the Maserati and then stick it on the mirror...
then all cars can be used... the only issue is the perspective of the car cutout
but I think the idea will get through.

C-Love tha Artist
chalize's picture

Is there anyone apart from the suits at the road safety department who has any comments on this great idea!

whitespace's picture

f**kin' irresponsible.

Activity Score 1953
Creative Director
LeeMoh's picture

Fresh. Nice. Cool.

And the stupid driver who will get on road without to check his mirrors should take the s**t.

Pity that copy is obvious. It could ve been something like: "Object in the mirror now can be yours."

Activity Score 424
Guest commenter's picture

This was done before with an analgesic.
"Heart Atacks are closer than they appear..."

Guest commenter
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